Vanuatu – Mystery Island

Mystery Island port

Mystery Island is a tiny small island of Vanuatu. You can walk around the whole
island in 40 minutes. The side where the ship tender drops you off is the best side for swimming, and there’s plenty of space to setup your beach towels and relax.

The other side of the island (only a three minute walk from one side to the other!) is perfect for snorkelling. There are more rocks on this area and it does drop fairly deep quite quickly, however snorkelling is quite good on this side.

In the centre of the island, the locals setup their market stalls selling grass
skirts, flower leis, coconut bras, souvenirs of all types. This is one of the best ports to stock up on items for Island Night (if your cruise line do theme nights).

Currency is Vanuatu Vatu , small Australian dollar notes.

Independent tours: the locals do offer a number of local excursions such as
snorkelling, swimming with turtles, fishing for example.