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Palma port

The cruise terminal complex includes the Poniente Quay (berths 21 and 23) and the Paraires Quay ( berths 25 and 26). The terminal is located approx 6 km
southwest of the city centre (about 60 min walking distance).

The terminal has bank office, police station, post office, ATM machines, snack
bar and a taxi rank. A bus stop is located outside (right in front of) the
terminal. Most cruise lines offer shuttle bus services between the terminal and the city centre (bus stop near the cathedral). The alternative public bus service is available at the bus stop (outside the terminal).  The route of this “hop on – hop off bus” line covers most of the city of Palma and its surroundings. Bus line 1 is a direct line between the cruise port and the airport. A taxi is always a convenient way to travel from and to the Palma port.

Port Name: Port of Palma

Port Authority: Port Authority of the Balearic Islands
Address: Moll Vell, 3
Palma 07012
Phone: 971 228 150
Web Site:
Latitude: 39° 33′ 28″ N
Longitude: 2° 37′ 49″ E
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