New Caledonia – Lifou

Lifou port

Lifou is part of the Loyalty islands of New Caledonia. Stunning island
where you can enjoy the beach and snorkell. Currency is XPF South Pacific
Francs.  Market stalls accept small Australian dollar notes and/or US dollar notes.

The beach where the ship tender stops is beautiful. The beach is perfect for
swimming. Go snorkelling and you might see some sea turtles near the pier.

There are market stalls that  sell souvenirs, fresh fruits, and other food

Try the  hair braiding and massages. The massages are – $10 for 10 minutes,
$20 for 20 minutes.

Port Name: Port of Lifou
Port Authority: Kenua Agency
Address: Easo, Lifou, Loyalty Islands
New Caledonia
Phone: (687) 28 45 45
Web Site:
Latitude: -20.780680
Longitude: 167.138465

Port map