New Caledonia – Isle of Pines

Isle of Pines port

Isle Of Pines is a picture perfect island of New Caledonia. Currency is XPF south Pacific Francs however but sometimes happy to accept small Australian dollar notes.  The beach has powder soft sand, trees for sheltering. Perfect for swimming and enjoying a tropical beach. There are some souvenir shops, an ice cream stand and a few little food stalls (not available every port day). There is also a stall where ladies are weaving grass hats as a complimentary welcome gift to cruise visitors. If you cross the road , you’ll come across a second beach with a large sacred rock taking pride of place. There is  snorkelling, especially around the rock. This is a port where you can easily sit on the beach all day. Independent Tours – the locals do run an Island tour for approximately AUD $10 – $15 per person.