About us

The Coastshop world travel guide provides safe travel advice for all countries of the world.  Before you travel, read the travel alerts published by selected country governments ( Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada).  The country guides also provide other travel information such as accommodation options, local cruising options, weather warnings,  and more.

You can locate travel information for a country by:

  • Entering a country name in the Search bar located on all pages OR
  • Using the top menu to select a continent and then select a country 

We are constantly reviewing the information provided, but if you have an updates to our country guides, please contact us.

This website is brought to you by coastshop.  We have been offering world wide travel information and advice for all parts of the world for over 20 years.  We started with travel information for Australia (coastshop.com.au), then travel information for New Zealand (coastshop.co.nz), and then world travel information ! (coastshop.net). I hope you enjoy reading our websites and at the same time, get some useful advice on how to enjoy travel wherever you go in the world. Why did we choose ‘coastshop’ for our name…originally we provided travel information for all coastal areas of Australia and the ‘shop’ in our name means ‘shopping’ for the best travel information and travel deals.